Here are the films scheduled to open this week in wide and limited release:

THE CALL OF THE WILD: Everyone loves Jack London’s classic about an adventurous sleddog, but will they also love the movie version? It doesn’t hurt that his human companions include Harrison Ford.

365体育官网ORDINARY LOVE: The intriguing pairing of Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson should add sparkle to a tale of a long-married couple dealing with a health crisis putting their devotion to the test.

THE TRAITOR: Trump would label Tommaso Buscetta a “rat,” but as this drama reminds, he was the brave informer who brought down Italy’s Cosa Nostra in the early 1980s.

365体育官网WHAT SHE SAID - THE ART OF PAULINE KAEL: I’m one of only a few film critics who wasn’t inspired by the godmother of the business, Pauline Kael. Perhaps Rob Garver’s profile of the late New Yorker icon will remedy that.

THE LODGE: Yawn! Another haunted cabin spookfest in which a family is stranded in the sticks with unwelcome visitors pestering. Riley Keough stars as the woman possibly responsible for it all.

BRAHMS - THE BOY II: Yet more haunted-house shenanigans, with Katie Holmes starring as a mom whose family is terrorized by a murdering, Chucky-like doll named Brahms -- like the lullaby composer.

365体育官网IMPRACTICAL JOKERS: The Tenderloins comedy team performs hidden-camera antics in a contest bent on turning back the clock.